Just a little about this site and me;

Why AngelMike.com?

Back in 2000 this was my first Userhandle, and I still love it!
So I just never changed it, for 15 years and counting.
(First I had the Domain name .nl, But that got sold behind my back.)
For more you can look under the Dean Michaels and King Of Geeks buttons.

Why Dean Michaels?

Because every Dean I know is awesome,
and I needed a pseudonym for my art and writing.

So I started writing these "Fan Fiction" things here: Fan Fiction

More links can be found at the Social Media section below.

Why King Of Geeks?

Thats simple, I am a geek who needed a name for an,
all friendly, all respecting blog!
On the site, I post reviews/re-caps how ever you want to name it,
in the way how I would say them to you, how I would talk about them with others.


My Youtube, Where I play games and put it online, still going to change that.
And where I unbox Nerdblocks and sometimes Lootcrates.